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Volume I: Sacred Inspirations

This CD focuses on music inspired by the sacred, whether it be from sacred hymns, chants, spirituals or chorales; sacred poetry; sacred stories; prayer; or our own relationship with the church. 

Track List: 

Pinnae Ventorum (2003); Hilary Tann


Embertides (2014); Hilary Tann

    Advent (Winter)

    Lenten (Spring)

    Whit (Summer)

    Michaelmas (Autumn) 


Concertina on Psalm 42 (Freu dich sehr) (2016); Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra


Doxology (2011); Regina Harris Baiocchi


Visions of Ezekiel: The Wheels in the Fire; Emily Maxson Porter


March to Glory: Draw Me Nearer (2014); Carol Barnett


Exodus (2006); Sharon J. Willis

    I. Chronicles: Passacaglia 

    II. Communion: Rite of Fellowship

    III. Celebration: Juba


Agora: Suite for Organ (2006); Sharon J. Willis

    I. Aurelia in A Major: the Hymn

    II. Great Day in G Major: the Spiritual

    III. O Happy Day in C Major: the Gospel


Beside the Still Waters (2014); Gwyneth Walker


Toccata: I Believe in One God (Credo III) (2016); Mary Beth Bennett

List of Composers and Their Websites: 

       Regina Harris Baiocchi -

       Carol Barnett -

       Mary Beth Bennett -

       Emily Maxson Porter - 

       Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra -

       Hilary Tann -

       Gwyneth Walker - 

       Sharon J. Willis -


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